2017 NDTAC National Conference

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2017 NDTAC National Conference

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A New Era for Title I, Part D: Positioning Programs and Students for Success

June 13-15, 2017

American Institutes for Research

Washington, DC

For this year’s conference, we will once again offer preconference sessions for new and “seasoned” coordinators to allow coordinators the opportunity to share best practices and strategies for meeting program outcomes, as well as a preconference session on understanding and using Part D data. In the keynote address, Dr. Christopher Branson from New York University, who was system-involved as a youth, will discuss trauma, its impact on the youth we serve, and how this information may improve our current Part D programming through awareness and capacity-building. The first plenary will feature Dr. David Altschuler from Johns Hopkins University, who will present on transition and reentry principles; NDTAC staff, who will share key components of NDTAC’s new transition toolkit; and a panel of State and local practitioners, who will discuss application of the toolkit at critical junctures, especially entry and aftercare. A breakout session discussing the implications of the toolkit and ways to improve service delivery will follow. The second plenary will discuss Federal monitoring, including ED’s monitoring plan for Part D and recent monitoring visits and what other States experienced and learned during their Federal monitoring visits. On the last day, we will have a plenary session that will offer ideas for developing and implementing state plans, then you can meet for ND Community working sessions, during which you will be able to participate in a facilitated conversation about challenges that Part D coordinators face and engage in dialogue about compelling technical assistance (TA) questions and opportunities for NDTAC to continue to improve the quality of our support.



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