2020 U.S. Department of Education Title I, Part D Conference Overview

2020 U.S. Department of Education Title I, Part D Conference Overview

2020 U.S. Department of Education Title I, Part D  Coordinators Conference




Virtual Conference | August 24-28, 2020

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We are excited to bring together Title I, Part D coordinators, representatives from ED and NDTAC, other Federal agencies, and experts from the field. This year’s conference will certainly take on a very different feel from our previous meetings since we are meeting virtually given COVID-19 concerns. However, we are happy to have this opportunity with the coordinators even though we will miss the face to face networking opportunities immensely. On Thursday, August 20, we will offer our new coordinator and seasoned coordinator sessions, introducing new coordinators to NDTAC and ED staff and rekindling our relationships with our veteran coordinators, in respective sessions. These two sessions will run consecutively in the event you want to join both sessions.

On Monday, August 24, we will hear from ED staff, including the Title I, Part D program team members, Jasmine Akinsipe and Libby Witt, who will address coordinators on the topical theme of the conference, supporting successful transitions for youth who are neglected or delinquent, as well as a session on data collection and quality within Part D programs. We will also hear from our keynote presenter, Rodney Robinson, Council of Chief States Schools’ Officers' 2019 National Teacher of the Year.  We are honored to have Mr. Robinson speak with us – what a way to start the conference!

Throughout the virtual conference, we have a variety of sessions on key topics related to transitions that require collaboration and coordination to achieve success for youth who are neglected or delinquent. On Wednesday, August 26, ED's Title I, Part D staff will be joined by their colleagues from the Office of General Counsel to discuss coordinators' questions on the Part D statutes. ED staff will also lead a session on the Annual Count and determining facility eligibility, one of the key challenges faced by coordinators. NDTAC’s David Blumenthal will also lead a session on supporting the successful transition of ND youth and will be joined by Francine Stromberg of the New Jersey Department of Education and Rodney Jenkins of Sojourn High School of Newark, NJ, to share the State and local perspective of  use of funds to support transitions. The day will conclude with a  breakout session by ND community to debrief on the highlights of the virtual conference and particular sessions.

During the final day, Friday, August 28, the agenda turns its focus back to data with an ED-led session on data analysis. NDTAC’s David Blumenthal and Data Team Lead, Jake Sokolsky, will wrap things up by facilitating a breakout session on data featuring several examples of State approaches to administering statewide data systems.

ED and NDTAC are thrilled that you have joined us for the virtual conference. Staff from ED and NDTAC, and your peers on the conference planning committee, have worked hard to organize an agenda that will be informative, thought provoking, and useful to each of you in your roles. The conference is the highlight of our year, even in this virtual format, as it provides a rare opportunity to meet newly-appointed coordinators and others working with Part D programs; become reacquainted with seasoned coordinators; work more closely with experts; and collaborate with our Federal partners.

We hope the virtual conference exceeds your expectations and look forward to working with you when you return home.

U.S. Department of Education
National Technical Assistance Center for the Education of Neglected or Delinquent Children and Youth

Thank you!

We would like to recognize the time and effort of the conference planning committee, which consists of Title I, Part D (Part D) coordinators from eleven States. We appreciate their dedication and input throughout the conference planning process.


Rachel Beech
Kansas Part D Coordinator


Ada Daniels
Washington Part D Coordinator


Stephanie Enos
Rhode Island Part D Coordinator


Daniel Froemel
Tennessee Part D Coordinator


Basil Harris
South Carolina Part D Coordinator

Christy Hendricks
Montana Part D Coordinator


Chandra Martin
Arkansas Part D Coordinator



Brian Moore
Delaware Part D Coordinator


Suzanne Peck
Idaho Part D Coordinator


Francine Stromberg
New Jersey Part D Coordinator


Joey Wilett
Colorado Part D Coordinator (former)