Call with ED: ESEA & Changes to Title I, Part D


Call with ED: ESEA & Changes to Title I, Part D

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Call Date

Monday, October 17, 2016 - 1:00am

This call included Norris Dickard and Earl Myers from the US Department of Education (ED). Mr. Dickard from ED’s Office of Safe and Healthy Students discussed the Every Student Succeeds Act and relevant changes to Title I, Part D, which he recently shared in a presentation at the national Title I conference. Mr. Myers from ED's Title I, Part D office provided updates from the office. The call concluded with Q&A.


As a follow-up to this call with ED, NDTAC offered two informal calls about how these changes may impact the revision or development of state plans. During these calls, Simon Gonsoulin—NDTAC’s director—reviewed ED’s slides from the 10/17/16 call and discussed their relevance for state ND coordinators as they contribute to the revision/development of their state plans. These calls were not to be considered guidance approved by ED; instead, they were offered so dialogue could occur while waiting for that guidance to be released. 


Further below are the recordings and slides from the October call with ED and December calls with NDTAC, and immdiately below are resources that were referenced during the calls. 

--Facility Toolkit for Engaging Families in Their Child’s Education at a Juvenile Justice Facility (NDTAC):

--Family Guide to Getting Involved in Your Child’s Education at a Juvenile Justice Facility (NDTAC):

--Pre/post assessment tools (NDTAC): (click on "Pre-Post Assessments")

--Transition Toolkit 3.0: Meeting the Educational Needs of Youth Exposed to the Juvenile Justice System (NDTAC):

--State Policies to Support Competency-Based Education for Overage, Under-Credited Students (College & Career Readiness & Success Center):

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