Meaningful Family and Community Engagement: Transitioning (6/24/2014)


Meaningful Family and Community Engagement: Transitioning (6/24/2014)

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Call Date

Tuesday, June 24, 2014 - 3:00pm

During this call, two of our State TIPD coordinators, Ms. Pat Frost (NE) and Ms. Liz Roper (TN), invited representatives of their respective states to share their experiences with successful transition of youth from facilities and programs back into their families and communities. Pat invited Mark Le Flore, Manager of Administrative Services, of the Douglas County Youth Center  and Jim Bennett, Interim Director of Placement and the Program Specialist for Reentry, Nebraska State Probation Administration’s Juvenile Division. Liz invited Leslee Graves, Federal Programs Advisor, Neglected and Delinquent Students, Shelby County Schools and Zondra Vasser, Transition Specialist, Youth Villages, Shelby/Bartlett County. Both the coordinators and invited guests provided examples of strategies programs and facilities undertake to encourage family/caregiver engagement during youths’ transition away from system involvement.