NDTAC Topical Call #3: Utilizing Title I, Part D Funds for the Provision of Transition Services


NDTAC Topical Call #3: Utilizing Title I, Part D Funds for the Provision of Transition Services

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Tuesday, September 10, 2019 - 10:00am

NDTAC’s Topical Calls offer a forum for state Title I, Part D (Part D) Coordinators and their state educational agency, subgrantees, and facility colleagues to learn and discuss challenges, questions, strategies, resources, and successes on a particular topic of interest related to students who are considered neglected or delinquent. The 2018/2019 Topical Call Series focused on innovative uses of Title I, Part D funds that address prevalent needs. Call #3 of the 2018-2019 series focused on the provision of the transition services needed to assist students in successfully transitioning from out of home placement (i.e., juvenile corrections, juvenile detention, residential facilities, residential treatment, etc.) to further schooling or employment. This call included a brief overview of the definition and elements of the transition process; effective transition practices; and facility, youth, family, and community/system-centered activities at each stage from entry into the juvenile justice system to aftercare. Title I, Part D Specialist Murray Meszaros shared how public educational services are funded in Utah for youth who are in state custody or state care and described the rationale for and statutory waiver process completed allowing Utah to allocate up to 100% of the Title I, Part D funding to transition-related services.  Finally, three of Utah’s Education Transition and Career Advocates (ETCA), Evyann Stinson, Jennifer Gualtier, and Marv Luddington, described their role in providing education transition and career advocacy services to youth in state custody or care. 

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