Subgrantee Monitoring Tools (Call 2)


Subgrantee Monitoring Tools (Call 2)

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Call Date

Wednesday, September 9, 2015 - 2:30pm

Similar to the U.S. Department of Education (ED), State education agencies (SEAs) are required to monitor State agency (SA) and local education agency (LEA) subgrantees' implementation of Title I, Part D (Part D)-funded programs, per the Federal statute and regulations. SEAs must implement a monitoring process that involves conducting reviews on a set schedule and developing related monitoring protocols and tools. In turn, SAs and LEAs are responsible for monitoring the facilities and programs to which they allocate funds. In this series, participants will:

  1. develop familiarity with a research-based subgrantee monitoring tool designed to evaluate teaching and learning environments in neglect, detention or correctional settings;
  2. practice administering the tool using fictional scenarios and videos of classroom practice;
  3. practice analyzing the data collected by the tool;
  4. discuss how to adapt the tool to participants' local contexts to support subgrantee and facility training and technical assistance activities.

Led by NDTAC State Liaison Lauren Amos, The first call in the series discussed meeting the civil rights obligations to students in the areas of teacher equity, college and career readiness and school discipline. The second and final call in the series addressed serving the needs of special populations (e.g., students with disabilities) and evaluating the conditions for learning in facilities. The first hour of the call addressed assessing the conditions for learning in facilities and the second hour addressed evaluating the extent to which the needs of special populations are being met by facility instructors.

You are encouraged to invite your SEA colleagues and subgrantees to this call. 

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