ND Community: Gold

ND Community: Gold

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From left to right: Back Row: Russ Fleming (MA), Melina Wright (IL), Cheryl Bradley (IL), Karen Steinhaus (CA), Kelly Kravitz (TX), Jim Lovett (AZ), Russ Sweet (OR), Nick Read (NDTAC); Middle Row: Kristi Peters (MD), Tina McKnight (MD), Don McCrone (PA), Joyce Washington (CO); Front Row: Liann Seiter (NDTAC), Kathleen Sande (WA), Karl Koenig (OH); Not Pictured: Jim Dargati (CT), Melvin Herring (FL), Vanessa Nelson-Reed (NC), Mary Russman and Paula Monarch-Palmieri (NY), Monica Johnson (NJ)

Contact Information:

Peter Laing (Interim ND Coordinator), 602-364-1957,
Sue Edman (Title I Director of Programs and Services), 602-542-2014,
Cheryl Pollack-Neuser (Title I Director of Programs and Services),

Karen Steinhaus (ND Coordinator), 916-319-0946,

Joey Wilett (ND Coordinator), 303-866-6700,
Brad Bylsma (Title I Director), 303-866-6937,

James Dargati (ND Coordinator), 860-713-6562,

Alvita Howard (ND Coordinator), 850-245-9442,
Michael Stowell (Title I Director), 850-245-0889,

Annie Brooks (Title I Director, ND Coordinator), 217-782-3950,
RaTasha Bradley, 217-782-3950,

Valerie Ashton-Thomas (ND Coordinator), 410-767-0314,
Kristi Peters, 410-767-0324,

Russ Fleming (ND Coordinator), 781-338-6259,
Karen DeCoster,

New Jersey:
Francine Stromberg (ND Coordinator), 609-777-2166,
Nancy Curry, 609, 292-1288,

New York:
Mary Russman (ND Coordinator), 518-474-1085,
Paula Monarch-Palmieri (ND Coordinator), 518-474-5116

North Carolina:
James Popp (ND Coordinator), 919-807-3915,
Timothy Dryman, 919-807-4049,
Michael Wells (Title I Director), 919-807-3957,

Karen Auble (ND Coordinator), 614-995-5928,
James Lansden, 614-728-3018,

Jennifer Engberg (ND Coordinator), 503-947-0339,
Sam Ko (Subpart 1), 503-947-5745,
Adam Henning,

Ken Krawchuk (ND Coordinator), 717-787-7135,
Jamie Miller,

LaNetra Guess (ND Coordinator), 512-463-6939,

Ada Daniels (ND Coordinator), 360-725-6046,

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Most Recent Call Summary

Gold Community Call (November 13, 2018)
November 13, 2018 - 2:00pm


  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. New Resource: Use of Funds Tip Sheet
  3. Group Discussion: Approving Innovative Uses of Funds
  4. Closing and Adjourn: Save the Date for upcoming Office Hours, December 21, 2018
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David Blumenthal

David Blumenthal

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