ND Community: Salmon

ND Community: Salmon

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Back Row (left to right): Lauren Amos (NDTAC), Mario Vigil (NM), Daniel Williams (HI), Murray Meszaros (UT), Rick Bartosh (IA), Stephanie Thomas (DC); Front Row (left to right): Kimberly Cederberg (MT), Jacki Harasym (ND); Heather Denny (MT), Kenya Haynes (WY), Jackie Godbout (ME), Laura Johnson-Frame (SD), and Karen Stephens (NV); Not Pictured: Kay Streeter (AK), Dennis Rozumalski (DE), Marcia Beckman (ID), Kristine Braman (NH), Norma Rivera-Ortiz (PR), Stephanie Enos (RI),  and David Baroudi (VT)

Contact Information

Sharon Fishel, 907-465-6523,

District of Columbia:
Alison Losey, 202-654-6110,

Brian Moore, 302-857-3358,

Evangeline Casinas,  Evangeline_Casinas/OCISS/

Suzanne Peck, 208-332-6904,

Geri McMahon, 515-281-3944,

Jacqueline Godbout, 207-624-6705,

Christy Hendricks, 406-444-0794,

Colin Usher, 775-687-2450,

New Hampshire:
Hedi Clyborne, 603-271-3748,

New Mexico:
Kenneth Stowe, 505-827-1805,

North Dakota:
Lauri Nord, 701-328-2282,

Puerto Rico:
Ingrid Mercado, 787-773-2075,

Rhode Island:
Stephanie Enos, (401) 222-8340,

South Dakota:
Laura Johnson-Frame, 605-773-2491,

Murray Meszaros, 801-538-7870,

Jessy Roy, 802-479-1226,

Shannon Cranmore, 307-777-3672,
Jessica Fancher,

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Most Recent Call Summary

Salmon Community Call (August 2019)
August 13, 2019 - 3:00pm


  • Introductions and Welcome to New Salmon State TIPD Coordinators
  • Recent TA Requests and Timely Topics
    • Annual Count Prep and Procedural Strategies
    • Handling Tough Use of Funds Requests
  • Follow-ups: OJJDP Act 2018/ Requirements of Title II, DSAs & SAG
  • Ask Your Fellow Salmonites
  • Confirming Hot Topics & Suggestions for Next Year     
  • Recent & Upcoming NDTAC Resources and Activities  
  • For the Good of the Salmonites & Close
Call Materials

NDTAC Liaison

Rob Mayo


Upcoming Calls

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