ND Community: Teal

ND Community: Teal

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Pictured (left to right): Katie Deal (NDTAC), Alyson Lerma (TN), Tiffany Frierson (VA), Dan Froemel (TN), Dawn Carmody (MI), Pat Frost (NE), Sharon Burton (US Department of Education), Felica Denton (OK), Tiffany Jones (MS), Christina Wales (MO), and Linda Mirabal-Pace (SC). Not Pictured: Anthony Threat (AL), Wes Whitley (AR), Whittney Mitchell (GA), Nathan Williamson (IN), Rachel Beech (KS), Doug Boline (KS), Monica Shack (KY), Amber Skaggs (KY), Edeltress Brown (LA), Beth Chaplin (MN), Roberto Reyes (MN), Basil Harris (SC), Kyle Peaden (WI), Kristine Nadolski (WI), and Rebecca Derenge (WV).

Contact Information:


Anthony Threat, (334) 242-8216athreat@alsde.edu (ND Coordinator)

Robbie Mangum, (334) 242-8199, rmangum@alsde.edu 


Wes Whitley, (501) 682-4389, Wes.Whitley@arkansas.gov (ND Coordinator)


Whittney Mitchell, (404) 656-4148, wmitchell@doe.k12.ga.us (ND Coordinator)

Nathan Williamson, (317) 232-6671, nwilliamson@doe.in.gov (ND Co-Coordinator, Subpart 1)

Meghan Mccullough, (317) 234-2130, mmccullough2@doe.in.gov (ND Co-Coordinator, Subpart 2)


Rachel Beech, (785) 296-8965, rbeech@ksde.org (ND Co-Coordinator) 

Doug Boline, (785) 296-2600, dboline@ksde.org (ND Co-Coordinator)


Monica Shack, (502) 564-3791, monica.shack@education.ky.gov (ND Co-Coordinator)

Amber Skaggs, (502) 564-3791, amber.skaggs@education.ky.gov (ND Co-Coordinator)

Edeltress Brown, (225) 342-1506, edeltress.brown@la.gov (ND Coordinator)

Dawn Carmody, (517) 335-4530, CarmodyD1@michigan.gov (ND Coordinator)


Beth Chaplin, (651) 582-8328, beth.chaplin@state.mn.us (ND Co-Coordinator)

Roberto Reyes, (651) 582-8302, roberto.reyes@state.mn.us (ND Co-Coordinator)


Christina Wales, Christina.Wales@dese.mo.gov (ND Coordinator)

Tiffany Jones, (601) 359-2462, TTJones@mdek12.org (ND Coordinator)

Monique Henderson, (601) 359-3499, MoHenderson@mdek12.org (Director of the Division of Special Populations, Federal Programs)


Pat Frost, (402) 471-2478, pat.frost@nebraska.gov (ND Coordinator)

Tim Vanderheiden, timothy.vanderheiden@nebraska.gov

Thomas Kirk, (405) 521-4878, Thomas.Kirk@sde.ok.gov (ND Coordinator)

South Carolina:

Basil Harris, (803) 734-8373, bharris@ed.sc.gov (ND Coordinator)
Linda Mirabal-Pace, (803) 734-6010, lpace@ed.sc.gov


Dan Froemel, (615) 351-1208, Daniel.Froemel@tn.gov (ND Coordinator)

Erin Christian, Erin.Christian@tn.gov (Regional ND Coordinator) 

Earl Lattimore, Earl.Lattimore@tn.gov (Regional ND Coordinator) 

Alyson Lerma, (615) 770-3871, Alyson.Lerma@tn.gov (Director of Monitoring)


Tiffany Frierson, (804) 371-2682, Tiffany.Frierson@doe.virginia.gov (ND Coordinator)

Lynn Sodat, (804) 225-2870, Lynn.Sodat@doe.virginia.gov (Director of Program Administration and Accountability)

West Virginia:

Rebecca Derenge, (304) 558-7805. ext. 25304, rderenge@k12.wv.us (ND Coordinator)


Kyle Peaden, (608) 266-5404, kyle.peaden@dpi.wi.gov (ND Co-Coordinator, Subpart I)

Kristine Nadolski, (608) 267-7338, Kristine.Nadolski@dpi.wi.gov (ND Co-Coordinator, Subpart 2)

Susan Piazza, (608) 266-2813, Susan.Piazza@dpi.wi.gov (Assistant Director, Title I and School Support Team)


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Teal Community Call (November 21, 2018)
November 21, 2018 - 10:00am
  • Welcome & Introductions
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    • Introductions of All Community Members
  • Updates from NDTAC
    • NDTAC Adolescent Literacy Guide and Webinar
    • New Resource: Use of Funds Tip Sheet
    • Topical Call in December Focusing on Use of Funds 
    • Conference Presentation Opportunities 
  • Emerging Topics in the Teal Community
  • Save the date! December Office Hours
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