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ND Community: Teal

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Pictured (left to right): Back Row: Beth Chaplin (MN), Tiffany Jones (MS), Tom Kirk (OK), Dan Froemel (TN), Monica Shack (KY), Shelly Ellis (OK), Kristine Nadolski (WI), Kyle Peaden (WI); Front Row: Katie Penkoff (NDTAC), Meg McCullough (IN), Pat Frost (NE), Amber Skaggs (KY), Tiffany Frierson (VA), Rachel Beech (KS), LaDonna Rudolph (AL), Tara Rodriquez (KY), Christina Wales (MO), Dawn Carmody (MI); Not Pictured: Petro Johnson (AL), Chandra Martin (AR), Whittney Mitchell (GA), Nathan Williamson (IN), Doug Boline (KS), Edeltress Brown (LA), Tim Vanderheiden (NE), Basil Harris (SC), Erin Christian (TN), Jackie Jacobson (TN), Beckey Derenge (WV)

Contact Information:


Milanda Dean, (334) 694-4524, mdean@alsde.edu (Education Administrator)


Chandra Martin, (501) 683-5424, chandra.martin@arkansas.gov (ND Coordinator)

Jayne Green, (501) 682-2395, jayne.green@arkansas.gov (Title I Director)

Bobby Lester, (501) 682-1293, bobby.lester@arkansas.gov (Coordinator of Federal Program)


Melanie Barner, (404) 656-2004, melanie.barner@doe.k12.ga.us (ND Coordinator)


Nathan Williamson, (317) 232-6671, nwilliamson@doe.in.gov (ND Co-Coordinator, Subpart 1)

Meghan Richert, (317) 234-2130, mrichert@doe.in.gov (ND Co-Coordinator, Subpart 2)


Rachel Beech, (785) 296-8965, rbeech@ksde.org (ND Co-Coordinator) 

Doug Boline, (785) 296-2600, dboline@ksde.org (ND Co-Coordinator)


Monica Shack, (502) 892-6428 ext. 4052, monica.shack@education.ky.gov (ND Co-Coordinator)

Wes Blake, (502) 564-3191 ext. 4031, wes.blake@education.ky.gov (ND Co-Coordinator)


Edeltress Brown, (225) 342-1506, edeltress.brown@la.gov (ND Coordinator)


Dawn Carmody, (517) 335-4530, CarmodyD1@michigan.gov (ND Coordinator)


Leigh Schleicher, (651) 582-8326, leigh.schleicher@state.mn.us (Interim Director and Interim ND Coordinator)


Shawn Cockrum, (573) 751-8280, shawn.cockrum@dese.mo.gov (ND Coordinator)


Tiffany Jones, (601) 359-2462, TTJones@mdek12.org (ND Coordinator)

Brendsha Roby, (601) 359-3499, BrRoby@mdek12.org (Schoolwide Development Director)


Pat Frost, (402) 471-2478, pat.frost@nebraska.gov (ND Coordinator)

Tim Vanderheiden, timothy.vanderheiden@nebraska.gov


Thomas Kirk, (405) 521-4878, Thomas.Kirk@sde.ok.gov (ND Coordinator)

South Carolina:

Basil Harris, (803) 734-8373, bharris@ed.sc.gov (ND Coordinator)

Linda Mirabal-Pace, (803) 734-6010, lpace@ed.sc.gov


Dan Froemel, (615) 351-1208, Daniel.Froemel@tn.gov (ND Coordinator)

Erin Christian, (901) 504-9627  Erin.Christian@tn.gov (Regional ND Coordinator) 

Jackie Jacobson, (615) 390-4549, Jackie.jacobson@tn.gov, (Non-Traditional Educational Program Consultant)


Tiffany Frierson, (804) 371-2682, Tiffany.Frierson@doe.virginia.gov (ND Coordinator)

Lynn Sodat, (804) 225-2870, Lynn.Sodat@doe.virginia.gov (Director of Program Administration and Accountability)

West Virginia:

Rebecca Derenge, (304) 558-7805. ext. 25304, rderenge@k12.wv.us (ND Coordinator)


Kyle Peaden, (608) 266-5404, kyle.peaden@dpi.wi.gov (ND Co-Coordinator, Subpart I)

Kristine Nadolski, (608) 267-7338, Kristine.Nadolski@dpi.wi.gov (ND Co-Coordinator, Subpart 2)


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Most Recent Call Summary

Teal Community Call (July 1, 2020)


  • Welcome
  • Transitions within the Teal Community
  • Introduction of New & Seasoned Community Members
  • Continuing Educational Programming and Support Services within the Current Context
  • Ask Your Fellow Teal Community Members: Problems of Practice and Peer-to-Peer Strategizing
    • SP2 Funding Formula Approaches
    • Other Topics of Interest or Need
  • Upcoming NDTAC Resources & Activities
  • For the Good of the Teal Community and Close


  • Welcome
  • Community-driven agenda
    • Challenges, strategies, resources, questions
  • Three calls, one in-person meeting per year
  • Transitions within the Teal Community

Katie Penkoff shared that she will be reducing my time at AIR to 70% and thus transitioning off of several projects including NDTAC effective June 30, 2020.

Katie Penkoff introduced the new Teal Community State Liaison Dottie Wodraska. As NDTAC Project Director Simon Gonsoulin shared in the email about the transition, Dottie is a seasoned professional with experience working with youth engaged in both child welfare and juvenile and criminal justice systems, will now be supporting the Teal Community. Dottie resides in Arizona and is one of my most integral mentors and has served as an NDTAC Expert Panel Member since 2003. Dottie is currently serving as a Governor- appointed Commissioner on the Arizona Juvenile Justice Commission (AJJC) and consulting nationally in the fields of education, child welfare,  juvenile justice and organizational leadership.  In December 2015, she retired from her position as the Director of Juvenile Transition for the Maricopa County Education Service Agency (MCESA) in Phoenix, AZ.  Previously, Dottie served as the Director of Federal Grants Programs for the Arizona Supreme Court with oversight responsibility for all detention education programs throughout the state.  She has been a leader in the field of correctional education nationally as well as statewide having been involved in the Arizona Correctional Educators, Inc. (ACE) since 2001.  She is a passionate advocate for youth and is well known for building partnerships and innovative programs to assist youth in reaching positive outcomes while achieving compliance standards required by state and federal funding sources. She has received multiple awards for her work in education, juvenile justice and child welfare.  She has been recognized as a leading proponent and advocate for quality education and transition services for youth who have been court-involved and court-referred. 

  • Introduction of New & Seasoned Community Members

The Teal Community Members present introduced themselves to Ms. Wodraska. They shared the following information:

  • Their name, state, and role in the Title I, Part D Program
  • Other roles they serve in at their state education agencies
  • Their favorite aspect of Title I, Part D Program Administration
  • Continuing Educational Programming and Support Services within the Current Context
  • What shifts are you noticing in the field?

  • Are there implications for your administration of Title I, Part D?

    • Planning and Funding

    • Monitoring and Compliance

    • Reporting and Evaluation

    • Continuous Programmatic Quality Improvement

  • Ask Your Fellow Teal Community Members: Problems of Practice and Peer-to-Peer Strategizing
    • SP2 Funding Formula Approaches
    • Other Topics of Interest or Need
  • Recent NDTAC Webinar: Integrating Tech into Correctional Education Settings

Integrating Technology into Correctional Education Settings

Technological advances such as dedicated servers have allowed correctional administrators and educators to offer expanded opportunities while maintaining the safety and security of their students, personnel, and the public. In this webinar, we explored:

  • The lifecycle of integrating technology into correctional education settings;

  • Strategies for creating the foundation for sustainable access;

  • The process for introducing technology into juvenile justice settings in Washington State;

  • Efforts to build upon technology and access in adult settings in Wisconsin;

  • Ideas for funding integration and ongoing access to technology; and

  • Example policies, procedures, and resources.

  • Upcoming NDTAC Resources & Activities
  • For the Good of the Teal Community and Close


*Please contact your TA liaison for the recording and slides.


NDTAC Liaison

Katie Penkoff, Ph.D.

Upcoming Calls

If you have something you'd like to discuss, please email your NDTAC Liaison